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Nontoxic Pest Control

Welcome to the cleaner and non-toxic future of pest control. My name is Stephen Tvedten; I am an author and an acclaimed integrated pest management (IPM) expert. I have patented and documented the use of enzyme-based compounds for nontoxic biological control of insects and arachnids. In searching for alternative and effective pest control strategies, my manual on enzyme-based compounds is suited for the environmentally conscious person.

I have written a reference-based manual in the field of nontoxic pest control. The free manual called “The Best Pest Control 2” will provide you with resources to encourage the spread of safe alternatives to chemical poisons, and thus reduce contaminations to ourselves and the environment. I urge you to read The Best Pest Control 2 and make a positive impact on our environment when deciding what methods to use to eliminate pests. Please feel free to download my manual.

The Best Control 2 by Stephen Tvedten

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Chapters and control summaries are provided in both PDF format (for printing) and WEB (for easy viewing). ChapterIntroduction
Chapter01 Earth Day Chapter02 IPM Overview
Chapter03 What is it Chapter04 Pictorial Keys
Chapter05 Intelligent Pest Management Chapter06 The Inspection
Chapter07 Plans & Reports Chapter08 Detection & Monitoring
Chapter09 Habitat Modification Chapter10 Law & Regulations
Chapter11 Basic Control Overview Chapter12 Volatile Poisons
Chapter13 Pesticides are not Pestisafes Chapter14 Poison Industry
Ant ControlAnt ControlChapter15 Ants ControlsLice & Scabies ControlChapter16 Lice & Scabies
ControlsConenose ControlChapter17 Conenose Bugs ControlsBed Bug ControlChapter18 Bed Bugs
ControlsFlea ControlChapter19 Fleas ControlsTick ControlChapter20 Ticks, Mites, Mold, Fungi
ControlsBee ControlChapter21 Bees Chapter22 Caterpillars
ControlsMosquito ControlChapter23 Mosquitoes ControlsSpider ControlChapter24 Spiders
ControlsScorpion ControlChapter25 Scorpions Chapter26 Booklice
ControlsRoach ControlChapter27 Roaches ControlsFabric Pest ControlChapter28 Fabric Pests
ControlsPantry Pest ControlChapter29 Pantry Pests ControlsCricket ControlChapter30 Crickets
ControlsFly ControlChapter31 Flies ControlsOccasional Invader ControlChapter32 Occasional Invaders
Chapter33 Vertebrates ControlsBat ControlChapter34 Bats
Chapter35 Birds ControlsTermite ControlChapter36 Wood Destroying Insects
ControlsLawn ControlChapter37 Lawn Maintenance Chapter38 Nontoxic Alternatives
Chapter39 Illustrations Chapter40 Detoxification

Chapter41 How to cure disease

Chapter42 How to avoid bites & stings
Chapter43 Mental Health Disorders Chapter44 Organic Agriculture
Chapter45 Organic Pet Care 46 Inflammation
Glossary of terms Acknowledgments

The Best Control 2© is updated regularly, please check back for most recent info.
This written material cannot be reprinted without author's consent.
Permission available upon request. Send Stephen Tvedten a message.

The statements, techniques and/or opinions in this manual have not been evaluated by the EPA or the FDA.
This manual is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent disease, or to sell or recommend nontoxic pest control services or products.